Sunday, March 2, 2014

On the Way Back?

F it.

Although my knees still hurt a little, I decided to just get back after it this week. Run. Ice. Repeat. And, just deal with the pain. I think that's the best way forward so long as I don't go overboard, which I most certainly won't.

I took Monday off.

On Tuesday, I ran a solo 9 in about an hour.

On Wednesday, I ran 8 starting at 6:45 in the morning. There was already a couple inches of snow on the ground and it was still coming down in huge flakes. I opted for a snow hat vice a baseball hat and, as a result, I squinted during the entire run. I think I gave myself crow's feet.

I ran 8 on Thursday solo and 8 on Friday with Scott and Jordan.

On Friday, I met The Outlaw at Hains Point for a tempo - it would be my first workout since Thanksgiving! I forgot one of my gloves so I had to dip my fox paw into a tub of Vaseline and slopped the jelly on my left knuckles. The plan was to run 5:20 for the first mile and then Outlaw would cut-down to whatever for the next 2 or 3 miles. I would do my best to hang on to his coattails or try to run 5:20s. After a 3 mile warm-up we got after it. As usual, it was windy and cold, but we hot mile 1 in a tick over 5:20. After that it got ugly, though. Outlaw and I traded the lead as we leaned into a biting headwind and dodged the occasional oncoming bike. When we finally rounded the point, two miles in, I felt like a new man, but that sentiment only lasted about a half mile, at which point I began to feel the effect of my fitness...or lack thereof. I ended up running 16:05 or so for the tempo then proceeded to cool down. My blood sugar crashed pretty good, but I got in 11 for the day.

On Sunday, I met Luke, Dix and Outlaw at The Line for a Long Run. The pace was pretty easy, but my legs were tired from the workout. I got in 13.

It was a 57 mile week, which, sad to say, is my highest in awhile, but happy to say is a major step in the right direction. 

Looking ahead, and assuming I can continue to train without additional difficulty, I think I'll focus my attention this spring at at the Broad Street Run.

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