Sunday, March 9, 2014

Speed on Saturday, Strength on Sunday

I took Monday off per the snow storm and because I'm still trying to take a day off a week.

On Tuesday, I ran an easy 7 in the morning through 4-5" of 24 hour old powder. My footprints were some of the only tracks out there. It was nice.

On Wednesday, I ran 9 back and forth on the neighborhood streets near my pad.

On Thursday, I ran an easy 8 with Koonce and on Friday I ran another 8 miles with Koonce.

On Saturday, I met Texas Paul at The Line and then ran down towards the police station to meet Luke Meyer for a tempo. On our warm-up there, we saw him steam past (he was running 8ish) and we also saw Dickson, who did an about-face and joined us on our shuffle to the police station. After a 3-mile warm-up and some strides, we saw Luke emerge from the north. I ditched a layer and got ready to run hard. My plan was to run 2-miles at about 90% effort, though I had no idea how hard that would feel or be. We hit the first mile in 4:56, which was much faster than I thought I'd hit. I struggled to hold on, but I kept telling myself it was only two miles. I finished in 10:01. It was the fastest I'd run since November...or October? It was great to open up the valves. I cooled down for 5 and chatted, for the first time, with David Roche, who, it seems is a loyal Red Fox blog reader and had just finished up a tempo of his own. I got in 10.

On Sunday, I met Tex, Dix and Kieran out at Sycamore Landing Road for some distance. We started out super easy and gradually (very gradually) picked up the pace. My plan was to run 15, so Tex and I turned around just after completely the vicious up-and-downs just north of the turf farm on River Road. By then, our legs were hungry and we literally sprinted the hills on the way back to our cars covering the next mile in 5:19. I shuffled the last two miles and then ate egg sandwiches. 

57 for the (6 day) week.

Things are starting to progress nicely for me. This is definitely the best week of running since Thanksgiving or so.

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