Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Wasted Week

Last week was a wasted week. My right knee constantly felt tender to the touch so I dared not run on it, although I tried mid-week, only to walk back home, dejected, after just a half mile test. I'm no doctor, but the new pain in the right knee appears to be different than the pain in the left knee. I've run twice this week (+ icing/Ibuprofen) and this pain is manageable, but if it subsists I will have to head back to the doctor. There is not much else to report on the running front other than the fact that this whole injury thing is getting really (bleeping) old. I feel as if I've paid my injury debt to the running gods though this omnipresent knee pain might be here to stay.


Andy said...

I feel you, i've been waging a battle with achilles tendonitis since early January. I just took a week off after 3 consecutive 10mi weeks, so hopefully I'll be good to start SLOWLY building mileage next week. But I'm not sure. It's been tough mentally more than anything else.

KLIM said...


Sorry it's taken so long to reply. I hear you. Injuries suck, but they appear to be inevitable in this sport.