Monday, February 10, 2014

The Good Knee Goes Bad

I took Monday off.

On Tuesday, I ran 9 solo in the morning at a medium pace.

There was an ice storm of sorts on Wednesday, so I opted to take the day off rather than ice skate for an hour.

On Thursday, I ran 9 with Scott and Jordan.

On Friday, I started my run by heading down to Tilden. As usual, it was super cold and as usual my knees were creaky during the first couple miles (because of the cold). A few miles in, I realized that my right knee, my good knee, was causing me pain. At first I was happy, because I took it as a sign that the pain in my other knee (and both knees really) must simply be related to the weather, but soon it became clear that there was something else going on. Later in the day, while walking up and down steps at work, it occurred to me that something was definitely "off". But, let's be honest. I have about a dozen niggles like this each week, 99% of which "melt" away, but my knee pain was omnipresent throughout the day. On Saturday I was scheduled to run my first workout at Hains Point - something I had been thinking about/excited about all week, so naturally I wanted to kick this thing -- quickly. I iced at work, iced back home then went to bed. I woke up at 6:30 on Saturday ready to go, but realized it was a fools errand to try and force a tempo on a bum knee so I crawled back under my covers feeling somewhat dejected. Who knew that a tempo on Hains Point in 25 degrees is preferred over warm, snuggly blankets?

Long story short (too late?) - I took Sunday off too, iced, popped some Ibuprofen and tried to rest as much as possible. It seems to have done the trick. My knee definitely doesn't hurt as much as it did on Friday and the swelling has subsided. The funny thing is that I have NO IDEA what I did to my knee (I can't remember hitting it on anything) and naturally it is super frustrating to constantly be running a gauntlet of injuries, tweaks and niggles. 

Stand down, then attack.


Steve said...

Jake do you run in pants or tights when it gets to a certain temperature? I used to wear shorts regardless of how cold it got, but nowadays I usually opt for some sort of pants when it gets below 30 ish (especially if it's wet out) as the cold makes my knees ache, and they say running is good for you! :)

KLIM said...

Yes. I wear tights usually every time it's below freezing.