Monday, September 9, 2013

All Foxed Up

I am fairly certain this has been the longest time I’ve gone without posting on my blog…

Here is why:

A few Wednesdays ago a pain in my left knee was exaggerated after the weekly workout. I shrugged it off and went running the next morning, but realized after the run I would need to take a few days off. The pain, a bruise of sorts on the inner part of my left knee cap, hurt to the touch. This time I played it safe and wouldn’t run again until the following Thursday. However, I couldn’t make it much more than 2 miles so I tabled any additional running for another week plus. 

Usually injuries, or tweaks, like this drive me nuts, but strangely, likely for the first time ever, I simply didn’t care. Heck, I’m not training for anything specific so there was really no need to fret, was there? Additionally, the weather was hot and humid and truth be told, I needed a solid mental break from training, which was strange, because I had recently returned to hard running after an off and on summer in Maine. Nowadays, I feel that it takes more and more work to get myself back into good racing shape, but in the process of getting into shape, I risk getting tweaks, niggles and injuries. It’s as if I’m swimming upstream against a current. Sure, I can move forward – a little – but in the process I keep having problems. So, now I find myself at something of a crossroads. Do I WANT to keep doing this? 

Fast forward to this past weekend. I was able to get through two runs without any real issues. This morning I got in 8. Sometime this week I’ll take a day off. I’ll probably keep going like this until the pain “runs” itself out from my knee. Strangely this tactic has worked for e in the past – numerous times. Once I feel up to snuff, I’ll contemplate my next move, which if course will be dictated by my TBD work schedule. 

At least now the weather is (generally) getting nicer and more fall-like.

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