Sunday, August 18, 2013


On Monday, I ran an easy hour or so before boarding a flight to Boston that afternoon.

On Tuesday, I left my hotel in Cambridge a few ticks before 7:00am and ran down to the Charles River. I found my way to Boston proper and proceeded along the Charles for 4 miles then turned around. That afternoon I contemplated joining the GBTC workout after I heard they were running from Reggie Lewis over to Franklin Park. I haven't run at Franklin Park since 1997 (16 years ago!), the year I ran states in 3-4 inches of muddy, slushy snow. I had a terrible individual finish that cold November morning, but my team placed 5th, which is something Barnstable hadn't done before or hasn't done since. However, I was still haunted by my individual performance that day. Haunted  In any case, having run 8 that morning, I didn't feel up to run repeat half miles on Bear Cage Hill. Regrettably, Franklin Park would have to wait.

The next day I got my chance.

On Wednesday, I finished work up early and, upon doing so, realized I was only 2 miles away from Franklin Park. I sauntered over towards the cross country course of my youth and changed into my running garb in the back of my rental car. I honestly can't remember the last time I was so excited to go for a run - I think it was when I ran in the Grand Tetons back in 2009. The starting line/field was caged off, likely due to some type of rehabilitation of the grass/ground, but I picked up the course as soon as I could. Almost immediately my brain was flooded with memories. Although I only ran 4 miles, it was a real treat.

I caught a plane back to Baltimore that afternoon then bee-lined it to B-CC for the track workout. Although, I was dehydrated and the like, it ended up being a great workout: 2400 (7:43), 2 x 1600 (5:01, 4:59) and 3 x 800 (2:24, 2:21, 2:15)

On Thursday, I ran a slow and easy 8 with Sam in the evening. We were both whipped from the workout and I don't think we ever got below 7:30 pace. In fact, the last 3 miles were downright painful for me insomuch that I contemplated walking since the pain was reminiscent of my injury back in 2010.

I took Friday off (for safety) and took Saturday off (because I am lazy), but met the boys at The Line on Sunday for 16. The going was slow and easy at first, but by the time we hit mile 8 or so, Sam, Tex and I had picked up the pace. We cranked away until the pace got to 5:35 (half of that mile was uphill) then we hammered the downhill/straightaway back to the Line. Our last half mile was 2:26 before we decided to shut it down.

And while we're talking about high school, here is a profile piece that appeared in the local newspaper, which I rediscovered while looking for a photo of snowy Franklin Park.

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Charlie Ban said...

Why are we wasting our time reading your blog when we could be reading about the firewalker featured in that same newspaper column?