Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Can’t Catch No Break

I took three days off with the hopes of nixing the mysterious pain in my foot. On Sunday I decided it was time to go for a jog, so I ventured out for an easy 45 minutes on the trails of Rock Creek Park. I only felt my foot in the last couple of minutes, but everything seemed to be in order. However, I made the mistake of running the next day when I should have waited. I cut my losses about 2 miles in and bid adieu to Sam and Karl before meandering back to my place through Garrett Park. I think I stopped right on time as pain was slowly increasing in the last mile+.

I think this foot thing will pass. I don’t feel it at all right now, but I should be cautious. I started tying my shoes the “Lydiard way” to alleviate any stress on the top of my foot. Assuming this will pass, I am on pace to start running workouts again next year (i.e. – January).

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Charlie Ban said...

Let the thing be pressed