Saturday, July 2, 2011

One Year

It's been one year since I've injured my upper leg/groin. I am surprised at how quickly those 12 months have gone by. I've had lots of ups and down and highs and lows. After practically getting nowhere in the latter months of 2010, 2011 has seen much progress. I seem to be less sore and running more/in better shape each month, so I quantify that as success. I am now running 6 days a week and I no longer report to the chiro (a physiological victory). I've built up to 15-16 mile long runs and have been running workouts each week for the last month. Each week, my speed gets more fine tuned and I'm able to cover the outdoor oval faster, more comfortable and with less stress. BUT, the injury won't quit. For the past week or so, it's been rearing its ugly head. My IT band is often sore and I find myself longing for a foam roller mid-run. I appear to be stuck; I am hungry for more miles but I can't run any more in my current state. All I can do is run +/- 60 mpw at the moment and contain the injury as best I can. I don't want to retreat as it's taken me a great deal of time to make these gains and I'll be damned if I'm going to pull back. I may need to pepper in chiro visits again as Sarah thinks my SI joint has locked up again.

These trials and tribulations are worth wrapping up in a White Paper report for historical prosperity and so that I can share it with anyone else who might, unfortunately, succumb to a stress fracture in the symphysis pubis.

On Monday I ran 10 with Luff and felt great. The next morning I ran 9 with Hanson and felt rather blah. On Wednesday I had a great workout: 1600 (4:59), 800 (2:23), 800 (2:20) with 400m rest and then 6 x 400
cut down from 68 to 64 with 200m rest. It felt great to run fast again. Thursday was my off day. On Friday I felt just short of awful running around the towpath. On Saturday I ran from the Fox Den to the Chevy Chase Running Company via Rock Creek. Once I got to The Line, I ran up the Western Ridge Trail until I found my way to Military. It was an epic run, though not very long (10.5).


MAX said...

Jake, think of your athletic self as a financial portfolio. You need to diversify to reach all facets of the bod for total strength and conditioning. This ensures against total body breakdown ala the market. Try ping pong and some skydiving. Go skydiving with emily

Steve J. said...

Any plans to race soon? Not necessarily anything major, but maybe just a 5 or 10k to see where you are at.

KLIM said...

Steve - well, I guess last night. Also racing a 5k in two weeks.