Saturday, July 9, 2011


Texas Paul quickly surged to the front of the pack. I jumped in behind and hung as close to the rail as I possibly could. Dix , who turned 30 only hours before, clipped at my heals. It was just as it was meant to be...

I've had a someone busy week of work which saw me warming up from the metro station to track in jeans before my Wednesday night workout. I got in about a half mile then hit it: 4 x 1200 (400): 3:43, 42, 41, 37. I ran about 6 miles for the day; dismal but true. Knowing I would take Thursday off, I felt I'd be fresh for a mile race on Friday night.

I looked down the backstretch and saw Joe Wiegner, but I couldn't hear a split. Damn. Doesn't matter. Paul is great at pacing. Hang. We hit 400m in 67, which was right on pace for 2:14. We sped up slightly coming through the half (me in 2:13) as a legion of younger runners took off around 700m and drove down the homestretch with gusto. I soon found myself in 5th, or 6th place. It didn't matter. I was on pace. Just hang. Hang. My plan was to try and walk some of these guys down after we hit 1200m. Someone would die. I hoped. With 400m to go (1209m) the clock read 3:20. I was in pain, but I could manage a 70. Sloane came up on my hip and together we threw ourselves at the men who were dying. We leaned into the humidity and caught up to a dying someone with 250m to go. Ahead former UVA star Andrew Jesien was throwing it all in and it was clear he had the win locked up. Paul looked like he had second place. I set my eyes on 3rd, but it was not to be. I hit the tape in 4:27, under my pre-race goal of 4:29 and gained some confidence to boot.

67 - 400m

2:13 - 800m
3:20 - 1209m (so 66 for 400m?)
and then 67 for the last 400m

1 1/95 1/12 2747 Andrew Jesien M 24 Rockville MD 4:19.3
2 2/95 2/12 2754 Paul Guevara M 24 Alexandria VA 4:24.0
3 3/95 3/12 2723 Chris Barnard M 22 Olney MD 4:26.0
4 4/95 1/15 953 Jake Klim M 30 North Bethesda MD MCRRC 4:27.2
5 5/95 1/8 2746 Chris Sloane M 28 Rockville MD 4:27.8
6 6/95 4/12 2757 Kevin Meehan M 24 San Francisco CA 4:29.5
7 7/95 5/12 2758 Will Palmer M 22 Bethesda MD 4:30.1
8 8/95 2/15 2755 Dickson Mercer M 30 Washington DC 4:30.6
9 9/95 2/8 2716 Jason Myers M 25 Alexandria VA 4:35.4
10 10/95 6/12 458 William Orndorff M 20 Rockville MD MCRRC 4:35.9

Ken Trombatore and Trey Kinkead


Sarah said...

It was great to see you out there running!

KLIM said...

Thanks sarah. Its been a LOOOONG time comin'

RM said...

First master, you old, old bastard