Thursday, June 9, 2011

Attack the Track

On Monday I ran an easy 7 with Hanson. He looked 40lbs overweight and tan from laying about in the sun all day.

The next morning I joined Luff for some 10 mile fun in/around the Tilden Trails. There were no dogs this time.

I didn't run again until Wednesday night. The weather was scorching with a "feels like" temperature of around 100 degrees. I guzzled water all day until bathroom trips were every thirty minutes. I was ready. The plan was to run 12 x 400m (200 rest) broken into sets of 3. Goal times for each set were 72, 70 and 68. We had a massive pack and we rolled around the circle confidently hitting our targets - 71, 69, 70, 69. I poured cups of cold water on my steaming face and down my parched throat. The pack seemed to melt into the night. Again we rolled - 69, 69, 70, 69. The heat was getting to all of us, but since we were "only" running 400s, it wasn't that bad. I was fired up to run the last 4 strong, but not hard. I opened my stride and ran 66, 65, 67, 65. I felt fast and as if I could have gone much faster. But, it's still VERY early in the season and it was VERY hot on the track. Also, I need to be weary of my leg despite how good I've been feeling.

By the end of the workout, my shorts and my flats were soaked to the touch. I shuffled in reverse on the track with Dickson for a mile and a half and called it a day (night).

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