Sunday, June 5, 2011

Sixty Miles

REPORT: this week there was a major turning point in The War. As dusk settled on Sunday evening, my optimism was the highest it's been all year. This comes on the heals of a 60 mile week; the highest since Christmas.

MORE: On Wednesday, I ran the first workout of the year sans ANY pain and/or discomfort. The workout was nothing to write home about, but it was glorious to run 400s in 66-68 again. I took Thursday off, but that would be the only day off I'd take all week. On Friday morning, I ran 10 from Rosslyn and was able to get in some miles in some places I seldom run, including the Glover Archbold trail, New Mexico Ave, Fox Hall and a magical place called 49th Street down in the hinterlands of Georgetown/Palisades. Finally, I looped back along the Palisades Trail/Towpath.

On Saturday, I met my old college buddy Stump for a run in Patapsco near UMBC. I really miss running here. The trails are far more technical than Rock Creek Park and back in the day, Stump, myself and a kid named Sugar would wage epic battles racing trails up and down hills, through wheat fields, across swinging bridges and asphalt bike paths. One such record is a sub-60 effort for what we believe is a 11 mile loop. Patapsco State Park = tough, hard running for sure. Though, yesterday, the pace was gentleman-like and we spent the majority of the time reminiscing about old times and
catching up on new times. We got in about 8.5 before parting ways.

On Sunday, I met a half dozen guys at Riley's Lock for a long run. For some reason (perhaps the nice weather, perhaps due to the confidence built since Wednesday) I was itching to run hard. At 9 miles, I decided to pick up the pace and press on until the end. Jacob, a Newton rep who was along for the fun, went with me and together we hit 5:50 miles for the next 5 miles. Again, no pain.

I got in 60 for the week. This is my highest week of mileage for the year. That, coupled with a workout without pain, bodes well for things to come. I dare not say I am "back" yet, but damn, if I can do this, I am damn near back. Moving forward, I am going to cut out my second day off each week and maintain a 6-day training week, if, of course, my body can handle it.


Sarah said...

Nice report (long overdue!)

RM said...

DAMN. You guys have gone under 60 on the 11? I've gone 66 and some change. If I ever found out how much it really is, I'm sure I'd be disappointed. But man, that's great.

Great week, welcome back.