Sunday, May 22, 2011

In & Out of the Lost River Valley

First, there was Thursday...

And, Thursday morning run was rough, but not nearly as rough as it was last Thursday. That is likely because my workout on Wednesday, wasn't nearly as rough as my workout last Wednesday. I guess what I am saying is that each week my injury, and the pains associated with my injury, appear to be getting better. I can find silver linings all day long. I ran an easy 8 with Luff and Jordan and 8 was enough.

Although I anticipated running 15 on Friday morning, I decided to take the day off and rest up as my leg wasn't feeling great. I'd table the long run until..Saturday...or Sunday. That afternoon I drove into the wilds of West Virginia for GRC teammates Chris Bain and Shannon ONeill's wedding. On Saturday morning I woke up next to Johnnie Walker, or at least the remnants of Mr. Walker, and hit the group run. The route was super hilly, which wasn't ideal for my leg, so I shut it down after 50 minutes or so. The rest of the wedding was a blur...a good blur.

On Sunday, I stopped by the Manassas/Bull Run battlefield on my way home from WV. This is one of my favorite places to run in the Greater Washington area. There are an assortment of trails including ones composed of blue stone and wood chips as well as your standard muddy horse path. It was glorious. The technical terrain also wore me down some, so I stopped my "long run" around 1:22. I'll call it 12.

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