Thursday, May 19, 2011

Flexible Response

On Tuesday, I met Luff for a predetermined Cell Phone Field Loop +. I felt somewhat winded for some reason, which might be a result of taking Monday off? Sometimes, I feel as this is the case, but this also could be mental. I had a little pain in the usual spots, but all seemed good for the most part.

On Wednesday I met the guys (and gals) at the track. There are more and more people coming out to these workouts each week and I get 2 emails a week from new folks interested in the GRC. Because my injury area flared up last week while running ovals, this week I decided to run half my workout on the Capital Crescent Trail and the other half on the track. After a 3.5 mile warm up, I set out to the trail and headed south on the shaded gravel path. I hit half mile in 2:22 and then U-Turned back to my starting point. It was far too fast and I quickly settled into a "real" pace. I finished up in 4:55 and then shuffled along on the trail for 2 and a half minutes before starting it again. This might be my first sub-5 minute mile in 9 months. My next out-and-back was a 5:03. My stomach was burning, but my legs felt surprisingly fresh. I shuffled back to the track as fast as I could (5 minutes) and then jumped into the 1200s already in progress. I started out slow and gradually picked it up over each lap finishing in 3:40. By now, my stomach was in sever distress and I spent the remainder of the time on the track running a cool down and then stretching face down on the ground. I haven't had these acidic-like burns for quite some time. I've been dealing with this for most of my running career and have seen specialists both near and far, but there really isn't a defined diagnosis. I think it has to do with running hard, at odd times of day, without eating/drinking the proper foods pre-run. This often happens a lot once I start working out again, but I can usually manage it once I get back into the swing of things. This week was far worse than last week's discomfort and at time of press (6:30am) my stomach still feels like a den of a hedgehog family.

This morning's run could be interesting.

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