Tuesday, May 31, 2011

(Last) Wednesday Workout

Since I was flying out early on Thursday morning for holiday and I desperately needed to pack Wednesday night, I opted to run my Wednesday workout solo on Wednesday morning instead of with the group that afternoon/evening. My goal was to run 3 x mile (1/2 mile rest) on the RCT and be as close to 5flat as possible.

The day dawned humid and I was sweating profusely before I left the apartment. I ran a 15 minute warm-up, stopped for water along the way, ditched the shirt and then beat feet. I was sluggish from the start and could only muster a 5:10. I quickly realized running 5flat is a lot harder on the rolling, turning paved RCT than I thought. I ran a half mile cool down then stopped at the local stable to see a man about a horse. Once the mare was sold, I hit the trail with all my might. The 2-3 short hills did a number of my cadence and I ended up running a dismal 5:18. I ran back home, but not before putting in a final 5:09 mile. I trucked on and ran a couple more miles before calling it quits at 9.

THE BAD: these times suck. It's hot, I was alone and the route is twisty and hilly (some), but I should be closer to 5:05 than 5:10. 5:18 is unacceptable and disappointing. I can do better, and I must do better.

THE GOOD: perhaps these times are "worth" something faster due to the less than ideal conditions. If I can run 3 x mile at 5flat right now, I'd be very happy. I was also fortunate to get in something due to the hectic week. Finally, I had no pain during the workout. ZERO discomfort. This is a huge step forward and something I should cherish.

The next morning I journeyed to South Dakota to explore the Badlands. I wouldn't run again until Monday morning, but that's not to say I wasn't worked. More on this epic trip later...

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Andy said...

You bought a horse?