Monday, May 16, 2011

25 Good Miles on the Towpath

On Saturday Luff and I met Tex and Burnham at the Store. Those guys were all doing a workout, so I only joined them for the first 5 miles of the run. After a 6:00 5th mile, I let the guys get on with their planned run while Max, who also joined in the festivities, and I turned and ran back south along the Towpath. I was feeling pretty good and I kept the throttle squeezed without really going into an extra gear. I ran sans watch, so I ran simply by feel and form. I imagine my back 5 was somewhere around 30:30 or 31:00; a semi hard effort it seemed.

On Sunday Luff and I met Koonce at Riley's Lock for what's arguably my favorite DC-area long run. Scott turned back after 30 minutes or so, having already run 6 miles. Luff and I pressed on, the pace picking up ever so slightly as we went. By the time we hit River Road we were running at a very quick clip, albeit controlled. Once we got back on the Towpath the pace quickened even more. Sam, having run an intense workout the day before, waved me forward and with that I pushed south. I clicked off sub-5:40 miles for the next 3 miles and really never took my hands off the reigns until I finished. 1:33:30 for 15 might be one of the (or mine) fastest Riley's times ever, or at least in recent memory. Patrick Reaves and others who read this blog might know better. My leg/quad felt surprisingly good throughout the duration of the run and although tired from ten the day before, the hard pace made me felt doable and I finished the run thinking as if I had actually accomplished a solid effort. This was my longest run since the Sunday before Christmas. I am finally getting somewhere. Due to the leg issues on Wednesday, I was down in mileage this week only running 47.5 in 5 days.


PR said...

If we did, it was probably here:

KLIM said...

Could be, yes. I will have to check my running log. I seem to remember that 1:35 was a decent Riley's time in the last.

KLIM said...

Yes. It seems we ran 1:33 that day PR.