Monday, March 14, 2011

How the West Was Won

About a week ago I ventured to northeast California for more work travel. Sonora, an old mining town founded by Mexican treasure hunters during the California Gold Rush, sits in the shadow one of America's great treasures; Yosemite National Park. Nestled amongst hills and big trees, the city still has an "old towne" type feel to it. Mornings dawn cool, but by the afternoon the Golden State sun is out in full effect and it basks all it can touch in warm orange. 

I awoke on Thursday and immediately started exploring on foot. I was surprised at how hilly it was. In Texas, hills were few and far between, but here I couldn't avoid a hill if I, I didn't try, and, instead, I ran 'em all. I ran for 40 minutes and aside from some minor pain, all was good. I am on my feet all day ducking and jumping over split rail fences, negotiated my way around giant draft horses and schlepping film gear from here to there, but I was pleasantly surprised to have no pain while doing any of this. This was NOT the case whilst in Texas. I ran again the next day and again the day after that. This is my first 3 days in a row since God knows when. I took Sunday off but ran again on Monday and again on Tuesday* once I returned back to Washington. I am starting to put mileage under my legs again, but most importantly I'm experiencing less and less discomfort while doing so. All leg/groin pain has been narrowed down to two muscles - adductor magnus and adductor longus pain (which, essentially is my upper right leg) - and now the battle has begun to annihilate this "last stand". It's time to strengthen and stretch this area and ease any final discomfort and ensure it doesn't come I am doing just that. 

I now plan to run every day until I see a reason not to. It's time to get back off the sidelines and join the team. It's time to press again. My time has come. Please let this be so. 

*Tuesday's run was very encouraging. I floated down Rock Creek Trail bounding past 1/4 mile markers every 90-92 seconds with playground ease like the Red Fox of yesteryear. 

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