Friday, March 18, 2011

A Turn in the Tide

I ran on Wednesday and I ran on Thursday. Then I ran again on Friday. No pain. No pain. No pain. In fact, I've run every day this week.

On Wednesday I met the enemy on his own turf. I got out of work early and the weather was fine and soon I found myself in Northern Virginia so I called Bert to see whether he wanted to go running. He obliged and within an hour or so we were negotiating the traffic and pedestrians of Wilson Blvd. We "picked up" Matt Lowe mid-run and found our way to the Custis Trail and eventually the Mt Vernon trail. I haven't run around these part for quite some time and it reminded me of better days...when I was in shape. But, I smiled nonetheless for I wasn't in any pain. I ran 8 miles; the most I've run in weeks.

On Thursday morning I met the North Bethesda Distance Project at the Fox Den for an easy 50 minutes. Rock Creek Trail was thick with mire in places so I had to be extra cautious. A slip in the mud can be just a terrible thing. Again, pain was minimal to non-existent. Nothing much to report from this run, though it was my first morning run back on east coast time. I was fairly exhausted and an oncoming cold didn't help much, but the distance got done.

With temperatures hovering in the mid to upper 70s, a few of us opted for a run from Old Angler's Inn on Friday evening. Karl, Wiggy, Luffington and I started out on the the trails above Great Falls (photo). This was my first trail run in a long time, but no damage was done. We stopped and marveled at the falls from the overlook on the Gold Miner's Loop as the sun dipped low into the western sky before taking off down the towpath for an out-and-back. I got in 9 miles: the most in I don't know how long. The weather was brilliant and it was perfect way to the end the week. I've had 2 days off from work (or one weekend) over the past 5 weeks so this weekend is well deserved. That, coupled with great weather and a leg that doesn't limp, is a reason to smile. 

I've learned my lesson about celebrating too early, but I am actually starting to put real mileage under my legs again AND I am not in any pain while doing it so it gives me reason to think positively. My last two trips to the chiro have been maintenance trips as I've walked in sans any pain. I've been doing strengthening work on my two abductors. This appears to be the last front. They are within my pincers and it's time to close in.

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