Sunday, January 2, 2011

The Lock of Riley

Last winter when we were here, Riley's Lock looked like this.

Today things were different. A light rain fell and temps hovered in the mid-50s. There was no snow in sight. I let the pack run the 1.5 mile warm-up loop while I stretched with Frank on the bridge. We made small talk with a crappie fishermen and said "hi" to a pack of joggers who had overdosed on endorphins. They were heading north and we followed shortly thereafter in hot pursuit. Our pack included Jordan, Scott, Wiggy, Karl, Dickson, this guy Jaime and the aforementioned Frank Fung. The pace seemed quick -- throughout. My goal was to run pain free and cared less about speed, but I got caught up with the decent clip and the decent weather so I let things flow. The trail was soft and our pack meandered forward. When we got to River Road, the street was basically empty. My Achilles felt sore but my leg/injury area felt surprisingly good so I pushed the pace some and tried to keep things hot on the way back (while not "racing"). I stopped at 11 (which was my intention), did some more stretching and then proceeded to dine at Harris Teeter.

My SI joint hurt later in the day so I went to see Sarah (with Dickson in tow) at the Difficult Run parking lot for a stretch session. At time of press, I feel much better.


YF said...
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YF said...

it is not that big of deal, but you misspelled my first name, i am not a Canadian. that is the reason i use my middle name often to avoid misspells happen.

KLIM said...

Fixed this. Sorry.