Friday, December 17, 2010

The First Snow

I met Jimmy, Luffy and Predator on Thursday for a run down to Tilden. I ended up getting in 11 after someone from our party had to stop at the latrine. I felt meh. It was a bit further than I wanted to go, but what can you do. My Achilles was howling though. Damn, I need to get new shoes. I wish I was back, as this would have been a good morning run.

On Friday I met Wiggy, Karl, Koonce, Hanson and Predator for ANOTHER run to Tilden. I planned to run only 5-6 but ended up getting sucked into (by my own accord) a seven miler. Oh well. 

BREAKING: my injury areas does not seem to be getting any better...nor does it seem to be getting any worse. I am seeking counsel from someone who has had this injury before to determine how his comeback went. I don't know whether this is fragile and reversible a la Afghanistan, or whether I need to simply put my head down and grind through this a la Jake Klim. All discomfort MUST be erased before I uptick further and start any workouts. This "soft" deadline was intended to take place at the dawn of 2011. That is now 2 weeks away. Further analysis to come...

New shoes and 14 miles tomorrow.