Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Long Run and an Easy 6

I met almost a score of GRCers at the Georgetown Store on Saturday morning for a run down the snowy Towpath. We hooked a right across the pigtail, ran up Ernst Hill and took a left on the Glover Archibold Trail. The trails were pretty runnable despite the snow and none of us lost our footing. Here the crew split up; some went back to the Store and others went further into the cold park. The pack now consisted of Jarrin, Tex Paul, Bain, Wiggy, Luffingsworth and me. By the time we got to the bottom of the zoo, I was pretty spent. I looked at my watch and realized I was at the upper edge of my fitness range. I asked Jarrin how fast we were going and he looked at his Garmin and shouted "6:08s". Feeling a little bit better about that, I still wasn't feeling a bit better. I ended up fading some over the next mile plus but I was happy to get in my longest run since the comeback: 14.

After a night DJing and dancing at an MT, I awoke on Sunday early, but then went right back to bed. Eventually I crawled out of my fox cave and ran an easy 6 with Luffington. 56 for the 6-day week (took Monday off).

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