Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Since I was tasked to be at work until 9pm today, I decided to sleep in an extra half hour and went running around 8am...solo. What a difference an hour makes in terms of the run. It was cold as ice, but at least the sun provided some warmth and I basked in all its glory. I ran down to the Walter Reed Annex trails hoping to get in between 9 and 10. My throat was a little sore and I found myself hacking for most of the run. I thought I had rid myself of the cold, but apparently not. Three times I had to stop dead in my tracks in order to hack out mucous. This happens after I cough up nastiness and it doesn't get out all the way; instead staying right at the top of the throat. You either got to swallow or try and get it out. And get it out I try. Not a pleasant image, I know, and it feels as if I am dying every time I do this. Tears pour from my eyes while my entire chest squeezes inward as if I have finished a million sit-ups. After each of these disturbances I'd gasp for air and then stumble forward again. Despite these mishaps, I bounded down the trail a tick below 6:40 pace and came home around 6:20 pace. By the time I got back to Cedar Lane, 10 minutes from the Fox Den, I was pretty spent - likely a combination of the cold air, pushing the pace and my ever-lasting cold. I was happy to get in 9+ with little discomfort from the injury area, but I'm still noticing some Achilles/shin pain from my left leg. I've had the same shoes since the summer, but because I haven't been running much, I have no idea how many miles I've put on my two pairs. Needless to say, I need to get new shoes this weekend.

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