Sunday, October 17, 2010

The Magical Red Fox Forest

Today I went to the Magical Red Fox Forest. It's but a short trip from the Fox Den and a fine place to stretch one's mind and, in today's case, one's legs. The goal was to take a stroll and get my leg muscles use to time on my feet. The weather was damn near perfect and I found myself smiling as I zigzagged on and off the trail. I came across a few deer who looked cautiously back at a smiling red critter. Later I spied a bald eagle and then I found myself at the old grass track (pictured) I use to loop around while trying to get an hour in here. After about an 75 mins I found myself at the banks of a creek. I knew it was time to head back so instead of walking ALL the way back to wherever it was I came from, it made more sense to find a spot where I could negotiate my way across. While pondering my next move I slipped in the slick muck and splashed into to water. My leg "gave" a little and I felt my upper thigh for the remainder of the hike. Damn. Not sure what this means.

God, I love the woods in the autumn. I really need to run trails more often and enjoy running in places that are enjoyable to run. Soon...

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