Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Steam smoked off the water and a light rain fell. The cold drops hit the warm pool and the water looked as if it was boiling. The Russian (life)guards march back and forth across the deck with rescue tubes slung over their shoulders and ready at the hip. They stare and I stare back. Who will blink first? Dish it. I'll take it. I'll take whatever you throw at me. They don't say anything and soon they're at the other corner of the pool checking on someone else.

It's hard to see the other swimmers through the pre-dawn darkness and the layers of warm steam. I feel like I'm creeping through the Amazon at night. Up above, to the north near the beltway, a helicopter hovers and a plane does circles. One of us must have gotten out, I thought. Sirens wail and police cars honk. They'll get him. They always do. Soon he'll be caught and thrown back in the pool. There is no escape. 


Towpath said...

"You run once, you get yourself a set of chains. You run twice, you get yourself two sets, you ain't gonna need no third set coz your gonna get you mind right...and I mean right"

Andy said...

Hmm... the lifeguards at my pool do nothing but stare at my beautiful swimming trunks http://www.swimoutlet.com/photos/17973-TN80x98.jpg.

Do you dare stare?

KLIM said...

Chicken Swimmer - I will not click on that smut link.

PS - the helo and plane were real. they were circling the beltway after a tractor trailer jackknifed shutting the highway down in one direction.