Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Time to Run?

It's coming up on 6 weeks since I've run a step. The orthopedist stated that 6 weeks was adequate rest and that I could start running, albeit easy and every other day.

The question is - is this enough time off?

The answer is - I don't know. What do you think?

Since I haven't been running, it's hard to tell if I am still hurting. Do I sometimes feel the muscles around my point of injury - yes. Does this pain bother me often and cause sever discomfort - no. 

The doctor, the professional, the man whose job it is to diagnose these things and provide his insight, says it is time, but my gut, which I typically heed the counsel of, says to wait. 

What is gained by waiting? Comfort.
What is gained by starting up? Two weeks of getting up to speed sooner.

After so much time off, I am in no rush, but I do long to run again...

I've now started water running in the morning, which is fine I guess. Today the temperature hovered around 45 degrees and I entered the water donning a winter hat, which eventually became soaked with both sweat and chlorine as I made my way through my new ritual. The mornings are different here. Arms splash the water everywhere in the swim lanes and people seem to be all about business in an effort to get to work on time and on with their day. I'm continuing to cut down the rest and drive my knees towards the sky. This is all I can do until I run.


yf said...

nice!! let's plan for Boston marathon...

KLIM said...

Ha - thanks, but no way.

Also, I've not qualified.