Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Moving Forward

I water ran for 45 minutes on Monday morning. Joey Wiegner was kind enough to join me. We did an on/off style workout that got the heart rate up past 100. I am not very good at "heart rate" stuff, but I should try to pay more attention when I am in the pool as I am trying to match what I beat during a normal run...if not more/better.

On Monday evening I ran 37 minutes with Karl. The pace was a little brisk, but it felt good. My right hammy was sore, but I think this is a lingering effect from the weird ab/elliptical workout I did last week...maybe? My body definitely took a beating (but not my groin) from that workout so it's been hard to gather what is being masked.

I am doing the same thing today (Tuesday) and may only water run on Wednesday. I will attempt to "land run" 60 minutes on Thursday morning and will try my hand at 90 minutes on Saturday.

As a side, I am feeling very strong in the pool. I don't wear a belt and, as a result, my arms feel jacked. My form has improved and because of that I am really able to crank it. However, it is terribly boring and I often find myself drifting off. I've been trying to keep a hot pace in an effort to stay awake, which seems to be having a positive affect.

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