Sunday, August 15, 2010

Half & Half

I ran for an hour on Sunday with the team from The Line. I felt my groin, but the pain was less than it has been and this (60 minutes) was longer than I have run in recent memory. I still believe I am winning the war, though it may not seem like that sometimes. I am definitely getting better. Now it is simply a matter of not doing too much, while trying to do enough, as I move forward. It's called walking the line. I've done this before. I am good at it. And, I can do it again.

As of today, I am still planning on RACING both Chicago and the Philly Half Marathon. I am getting ahead of myself, but I need to have a plan. I etched one out the other evening and it has me phasing out water running and phasing in running over the next 10 days or so. This next week I'll run every other day or so and get in around 50 miles. The days will include double sessions with H2O running and/or light running (ie - "half & half"). By next Monday, I'd like to be able to run 10 mile days again. This seems like a tall order right now, but I believe it could is possible. One day at a time.

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