Thursday, April 8, 2010

Top 15 at CB?


For the first time, the event will offer a supplemental American-only purse ($1,000-$500-$250) to the top three American men and women who place among the top 15 finishers overall. On the men's side a couple of locals, Bert Rodriguez and Jake Klim, could be in the mix for some of the American money but will be challenged to crack the top 15 overall to be eligible for the payout. On the women's side two local Army Ten Miler champions, Veena Reddy and Samia Akbar, along with Susannah Kvasnicka are in a similar position.

RED FOX NOTE - "challenged" is right! There are 22 "elites" entered in the race. One of those is an American. I typically place around 25th overall and there is usually a large (time) gap between the 46:00-49:00 10 milers and the 50+ guys. Finishing in the top 15 would ONLY be doable IF some of the elites dropped out or DNS. Our elite-chasing caboose, might snag a dying African around Hains Point, but this would be rare. Then again, I am in the best shape of my life and anything is possible.


RM said...


don't think about the money

just run

if you did it for money you'd be poor

do it for the love

The following poetry is courtesy of RM

RM said...

And by following, I obviously meant preceding