Wednesday, April 7, 2010

How Fast?

Determining my goal pace for Cherry Blossom is often a challenge, but last year I settled on 5:09s and I hit that dead on. On the Wednesday before the race last year I went to the CCT and tried to hit this pace for 2 miles and I succeeded. This year I would do the same...only I'd settle on 5:04/05 pace for 2.5. Today I met a handful of GRCers at B-CC and we headed out for the CCT. We were also blessed with the presence of Jim Hage. After a 2+ mile warm up we started off. I felt pretty good and hit the first half mile in 2:32. SLAM DUNK. Right on pace. I cruised through the first mile in 5:03 right on Dirk's tail. I looked around and saw that I was in a giant pack. I was relaxed and felt at ease. The next 1/2 appeared to be slow, but I hit 2 in 10:05. This was a tad fast, but we were running net downhill so this could be expected. I finished up in 12:32 for 2.5 and I felt fairly excellent. After I crossed the 2.5 mile mark, I dropped a kick to see what I had and I was pleasantly surprised. I am ready.

This morning after a 4 mile shake out I got a text message from arch rival Bert. I called him, and as usual, we discussed our battle plan for Sunday. Like the NYT and the WashPost, we share our front pages before we go to press. The main objective is the clock, but I'll be damned if he beats me.


Andy said...

Screw the post, who is the hottie in that picture?!?!

Matias said...

You looked smooth. God bless BRod's soul.

RM said...

I was going to ask the same question as Andy.

Nice attempt at a booty shot, but in order to qualify you need to get those nerdy Cherry Blossoms out the way and focus primarily on the booty, of course. If your camera doesn't have a great enough zoom, I recommend you get closer.

Even, perhaps, tell her you're from a local magazine or paper and that you're doing a photoessay. Then ask her a few questions, ultimately ending with her name and email address so you can contact her for follow up, or just to let her know when it's going to press.

Then you set up a fake website and do the article, so it doesn't look shady, and send it to her. You ask her what she thinks, and if perhaps she'd be interested in any more modeling.

From there you start light, gradually introducing the shedding of clothing, until, like Pavlov's dog, you have trained her to feel comfortable taking her clothes off around you.

Then the sky's the limit.

KLIM said...

Ummm, I found that picture online...