Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two Easy Hours

The shamrocks are out in full force and the color green has returned to the trails. Quite fitting for St Paddy's Day. It's still cold when I run at 7am, but it's comforting to know that it will at least be warm later in the day. I knocked out an easy 9 in the morning then drank my weight in Guinness in the evening.

During the first 9 I covered the Fox and Deer Trail up north to Randolph Road before coming back the same way. It's always nice to run on the trail and I never tire of this simple route. I saw a bunch of deer and birds were singing.

The 9 I did the next morning was a bit rough (see note above about Guinness), but it got done. I headed down towards what Jason Dwyer would call "the pink trail". At first I thought it was called the "pig" trail...but it doesn't really matter, because I call it the Walter Reed Annex trail(s). The one man footpath meanders around both sides of Rock Creek cutting through a floor of shamrocks peppered here and there by wild flowers. The only downside is that it takes 24 minutes or so to get to the trail.

My legs are still sore from the race, but "beneath" the soreness they feel very good...if that makes sense? I have not done a workout this week, but I was thinking of doing something on Saturday afternoon...perhaps a time trial. We shall see...

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