Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I definitely got me a case of DOMS. My morning run on Tuesday was painful so I opted out of the evening workout and instead met the elusive Chris Bain for a run from B-CC. Bain has been in a cave all winter hibernating, but is now out and gearing up for Boston. Actually he's had a nagging injury and now (finally) appears to be healthy. Thanks goodness. We ran with his friend Dan down to Rock Creek Park and came back on Western. I ended up with 66 minutes, but called it 9. We were dogging it but my legs still felt rocked from the race. I couldn't have imagined doing a workout today. Instead I'll get it done later this week.

Dirk et al were lapping it up on the track and I snuck a ride back to the Fox Den with the wise Dutchman. We talked about running "the right" races vice races were you'll run just an "okay" time. I agree 100% with his assessment which is why I ONLY race in races where I know the time (a PR hopefully) will come so song as you're in shape. Too often we run races when we're in the best of shape and encounter less than ideal courses peppered with hills, bad weather and sparse competition...or worse an incorrectly marked course (ie - too long, too short). I thought about it and realized I was at least doing this right - Van Metre, Shamrock, Raleigh Relays, Cherry Blossom, Pikes Peek and Broad Street are ALL fast races. I want every second I can get. The exception of course is running races as tempos. Okay, enough of this...time for bed.


PR said...

I agree with you for the most part, but sometimes despite you have to suck it up and go after:

1.) the competition, and/or

2.) the win.

Falmouth, Peachtree, and XC are good examples of the former. The latter is obviously a little less predictable.

KLIM said...

Falmouth is never an "A" race in my schedule and I run it simply because I love that race and the atmosphere (and it's a big event where I live). I assume this is why you run Peach Tree. Obviously, I'll never set a 7 mile PR there, BUT you can compare your performance to year's past.

This along with Twilighter are summer races and notoriously warm races...and slower races, but you can't NOT race at all during this season.

I suppose I am talking more about the peak seasons when you're in shape (April/May and then Sept/Oct for me). Philly Dist Run and Chicago (on my sched for this fall)are both fast courses for their respective distances. If I am going to attack the clock for these distances, I want all the help I can get.