Saturday, March 20, 2010

The Crazy Saturday...

...started on Friday. I woke up and ran an easy hour then headed to work. Yes, I run "an easy hour" or "9 miles" a lot. It seems to be my standard distance/time. However, being boring has its benefits. Local masters phenom Andrew Duncan says something along the lines like - "Boring is good because it's consistent. Boring works." I seem to agree.

Once again (for the 4th time since autumn?), my throat began to bother me later in the afternoon and by evening it was border line sore. What better way to cure a sore throat? Korean Karaoke until 2:30am. I fell asleep hoarse and wired a little after 3am but was up before 6am in order to volunteer at the National Marathon. I parked at TR Island and bombed my way down to Constitution and 9th (just shy of 3 miles) with my backpack on my back. What's another good way to rid a sore throat? Yelling "make a left, make a left, good job, keep it up, make a left, make a left" continuously for 2.5 hours. After the last of the runners were gone, I ran back to my car, drove home and took an hour nap.

I woke up and got ready to meet 800m specialist Chuck Kascur at AU for a workout. My plan was to run 3 x 1600 (400) at 4:40/4:40/sub-4:40. I contemplated scratching the workout because I was concerned I was getting sick and I seemed vulnerable (ie - tired). On the other hand I had to do something after not running a workout this week. After a 2.5 mile warm up in beautiful weather, I donned spikes and did some strides. Chuck took me through the first 1200m right on pace and I cruised through in 4:38. My throat was on fire and my mouth was chalky. The temperature hovered around 75 and we were both sans shirt for the first time in months...but it was also the first hot workout of the year which always takes a getting use to. Chuck led 800m of the next rep in about 2:19. I came through the 1600 in 4:37. I was breathing pretty heavy by now, but nothing too unusual. I came through the next 800 in 2:22 and it was clear I was struggling. My form was starting to go, my breathing intensified and my stomach began to burn. My last 400m was a struggle but I got through it - 4:45. Clearly this is NOT the way to end a workout, but it was really all I had today. I walked the entire lap cool down and shook my head. Chuck and I ran a slow 2 miles and then called it a day. Not a great workout, but I got it done. At least this teaches my legs how to run 4:45 pace while tired.

I am chilling tonight.

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