Sunday, March 21, 2010

Brilliant Sunshine

The parking lot opposite Old Angler's Inn was PACKED at 9:30 this morning. I've never seen it so busy so early. This is the first really nice weekend after a really nasty winter. People were eating it up. I was fortunate to find a spot and met Dix, PDiddyMurph and newcomer Jimmy Daly at the gate. We started on the trails above (east) of the Canal and I was surprised to learn that none of them had ever been up there before. Upon hearing that, I brought them all to the best overlook in the entire Canal system which juts out over Great Falls but well above (hire than) the boardwalk path that angles off the towpath below. I bet my pal Petey Towpath doesn't even know what/where I am talking about. After 40 minutes of trails we got on the aforementioned towpath and ran out for a couple miles before turning south and back to our parked cars. We said goodbye to Dix (who was only trying to get in 1:30), refueled, then headed south. Painted turtles dotted the canal and they angled their mucky carapaces towards the sky in an effort to soak up every ray the sun could offer. I followed suit, ditched my shirt and smiled. It's spring again.

16 for the day, 80 for the week. Taper time.


Towpath said...

Are you questioning my Towpath cred'? I was out exploring the Billy Goat Trail and Great Falls before you were in 1st grade.

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Andy said...
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