Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Blizzard of 2010

I woke up early and, like a kid on Christmas, was itching to get on with the day. The storm had dumped around 20" of the white stuff so places to run were few and far between. I ran 20 minutes doing loops around the various apartment buildings before meeting up with Karl. Together we traveled south on Wisconsin Ave until we got to the NIH Metro stop. No one was on the roads at 9am except for the occasional snow plow. The footing was exceptional considering the circumstances. We looped left on Jones Bridge and came back north on Connecticut. We joked, then serious contemplated, running from Conn to Wiscon via the Beltway, but instead opted for Beach, however Beach was blocked with at least 2 fallen trees. We finally got home and I ran another loop around the neighborhood before calling it 12 miles.

After I got some food in my belly I trekked out to Rock Creek with my ski jacket and bibs to see just how ridiculous the weather was. The snow was over knee deep and I labored just moving forward. I chased out a deer who appeared to be having even a tougher time in the snow than me.

Later in the day, I headed back out for more snowpocalypse. I ran north on Beach Drive and saw abandoned cars, downed power lines and everybody and their brother shoveling snow. Some of the piles were upwards of seven feet high. I got in 6.5 or 18.5 for the day. When all was said and done it looks as if North Bethesda got about 27".

The last flake fell sometime around 5pm on Saturday afternoon...then the sun came out.

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