Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Day the Snow Won

PHOTO - The Red Fox running north on Beach Drive in North Bethesda just before the last flakes fell during the Blizzard of 2010. I owned the roads yesterday, but today was a different story...

I am beat. I woke up exhausted and fighting (yet again) a sore throat. I can't say I've treated my body the way someone with a cold is my own fault. I tried to go back to bed but Puddy & Mitten instead wanted to play "Hen Games" (where the birds follow each other around the cage and outside the cage in a courtship-like manner clicking and chirping...and if their lucky "doing it"). Since I wasn't letting them out of the cage, they both cried and chirped until I finally decided to let them out. I brewed some coffee, ate some toast...then tried to go back to sleep. I locked the birds back up, but they continued to cry. I yelled and screamed at Puddy all with no result. I finally met Karl at 10:30 and together we ran south down Beach Drive. The going was fine, but we made things childlike by running an all out dash into a field of snow. Driving your knees through 2+ feet of snow at an all out sprint was enough to drive my heart out of my chest. After panting like huskies, we climbed back out of the snow and onto the plowed street. Later we carved our own trail on the RCT bike path, but that too was heartbreaking. We agreed to not run through anymore snow, but then we found ourselves climbing the Mormon Temple Hill. By the time I got within sight if my apartment building I was ready to walk it in. I was absolutely exhausted. I threw my hands in the air in defeat and called it a day after 11 miles. I ate then fell asleep on my couch. 85 miles for the week. I'll take it considering how terrible I've felt and how much snow we've got. Though, I must admit I am beat.

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