Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Weekend

By Saturday I was itching to run fast, but I decided against it. While upticking the mileage I want to ensure I am not running it all too quick. I met 15-20 people at the GRC and did my best to burrow myself into the middle of the pack knowing we'd start slow and gradually pick up the pace. I pushed Ernst Hill and pushed the trails in Glover Archibald, but other than that I kept it easy. My legs feel achy, but I know this is just my legs getting use to the mileage. I got in 12.

On Sunday I met two other Jakes, a Ban, a Bain and a handful of others at Greenbelt Park. Patrick Reaves introduced most of us to Greenbelt a couple of years ago. It is apparently where the Maryland Terrapins run most of their long runs...because it is one of the only places around. Our run consists of a rolling 5.8 mile loop that meanders past tall pines, through swamps and over bridges and duckboards. You definitely work every muscle in your legs when you run at Greenbelt. I tucked in, put my head down and pretended I was tethered to the man in front of me. The trails were not muddy and were pretty ideal, but by loop 3 they began to wear me down. I started the run with a tickle in my throat and by the time I finished my head felt heavy. My breathing on the last lap (in which we picked up the pace) seemed labored. By the time I got to the diner post-run I began to feel a bit rundown. This afternoon will probably entail a nap.

I got in 90 this week. My mileage increase has been very steady and I am happy with how I've managed it. I am quite content hovering around 85 as this seems to "work" for me. Unlike last year, I don't want to play mileage games, though I do foresee another uptick from here...if I can handle it. I am more interested in maintaining what I've got and capitalizing off of what I've built.

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