Monday, January 25, 2010

Easy 7

I woke up feeling run down and borderline sick. I dragged myself to work but contemplated leaving early to rest...but I was far too busy. I ended up rallying near the end of the day and went out for an easy run down Rock Creek Parkway and back up Klingle. I felt very spry near the end of my run and had to hold myself back in the last 2 miles from running too quickly. I only got in 7, but I'll treat this as extra recovery on my recovery day. Frankly, I was happy to get anything in after feeling so down this morning. I saw only one other person running tonight...usually I see a lot more. The new year is almost a month old...go figure.


Andy said...

My legs felt pretty heavy yesterday for 4 miles... followed your advice and kept it an easy run for the last 4 even though they woke up. And now my legs feel fresh today!

Tod Fairfield said...

I'm at a loss to see how you do this. You say an easy seven, is that and easy seven miles? While sick? I have been casually running for two years now, and even still don't consider 7 miles just a walk in the park.

cheers, hope you do feel better.

KLIM said...

Thanks Tod. I suppose I am use to running every day so I can just do it. I often find I feel much better AFTER a run versus before. Also, I was told long ago that running when you have a cold is fine, but running with a fever is not.