Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Hungry Belly & Tired Legs

As I near 90 miles this week I notice that my legs seem sore and my appetite has increased.

There isn't any specific leg pain per se, just a general fatigue that requires some easy running to remedy. In fact, on Thursday both my runs were quite slow and I followed up on Friday with a pedestrian 8. I am quite content with these easy days as long as I'm getting in good workouts (check) and solid mileage (check).

I need to start eating better. I think? My neighbor, after apparently monitoring my eating habits, cornered me one day and accused me of not eating well. I wiped the Boston Creme from my stubble with my sleeve, shrugged my shoulders and asked what she meant. I actually thought I HAD been eating fairly well. At least better than I use to. As the years pass and I mature, get smarter and more fox-like, I've become better and better at cooking and eating well rounded meals. I definitely eat a lot of meat and starch, but I try to eat salad once a night as well. My typical weekly meals consist of pizza, some type of pork, chicken, hamburgers, pasta with meatballs or steak. I throw on toast, rice, mashed potatoes or apple sauce when applicable. Additionally, I bring my lunch to work at least 4 days a week. It consists of a sandwich (PB&J, tuna of roast beef), chips, yogurt, fruit and a few cookies. I don't consider this too bad.

However, over the last week, I've come to the conclusion that my neighbor might be right. Lately, I've been shoveling in anything that is in front of me, most of it isn't very good. My lunch on Saturday (which was eaten at 4pm) consisted of a Miller Light, a 12" steak & cheese sub, chips, coca cola and a chocolate frosted donut. I did put some lettuce and onions on the cheese steak. It's not that I'm lazy and end up buying fast food...I am actually CRAVING this bad stuff (more than usual).

Is this a result of the training? Maybe.

Can I get away with this? Can I simply "feed the furnace" whatever I like? I don't know.

Will I order from the new Dominoes tonight? TBD...


Anonymous said...

Yes, you need to eat better. More whole grains, beans, less sat fats. Eat more fruit and try some nuts/raisins/granola type stuff.

Peter said...

If you are really, really in it to win it, you should cut back on eating processed foods (ie things that don't exist in nature.)

I did this my junior year of college and dropped from 155 to 145lbs, and as a result cut 1:30 off of my 8k. This is a very difficult/time consuming undertaking but it works. I can provide details if you would like to give it a go.

The hungry tiger hunts best, the lean wolf leads the pack.

Andy said...

I'm not suggesting anything, but I found that when I cut out red meat and most animal products (except... of course... chicken tenders and some dairy) my energy level rose and I could do all activities at a high intensity for a longer time.

I just found that eating healthier works as well as advertised.

Eat a lot, but eat what is necessary.

Dickson Mercer said...

You are on the Billy Rodgers diet. Check out that book Racing Weight by Matt Fitzgerald I told you I would lend you but will in fact not lend you or maybe will lend to you if I ever make it to another run. Your description of your diet really did remind me of BR's nutrition section (a paragraph) in his 300-page autobiography (he ran a lot). In describing his diet, he goes on to list everything he eats, which, as it turns out, is EVERY natural and processed food product known to man.

KLIM said...

Chicken Tender - I will never cut out meat. I hate animals and only like them when they are on my plate (kidding of course). I just got a nasty glance from Puddy, my pet cockatiel.

I appreciate your suggestions. If I ever get that book from Dickson, I probably will take a peak. Though, I think I can make a few simple tweaks and get in some other/better food. For instance, as I strutted down the grocery store aisles this evening I made some "good food" decisions. I bought some baby carrots, some fresh salad, some expensive homemade bread...and some Ben & Jerrys Ice was on sale, I had to.

In my final analysis, I blame my recent bad food binge on Mr. Karl Dusen.
Evidence A - "hey Jake, let's eat Dominoes at 1am"
Evidence B - "hey Jake, lets eat cheese steaks"
Evidence C - "hey Jake, let eat donuts"

Charlie Ban hasn't helped either.

RM said...

you can always check out the blog at and ask Melissa questions!

Chika said...

My analysis is based on your fridge (apple sauce and Gatorade), freezer (mint-Oreos and Ben & Jerry’s), and the non-existent fruit bowl.

I think you eat well enough, but as suggested above, cutting down on red meat and eating more fruits/veg, beans, legumes, whole grains, and nuts will make you a well nourished runner! Just small tweaks: Eating natural peanut butter instead of the processed. Fruit preserve or honey instead of a fluffernutter sandwich. Brown rice or Quinoa instead of white rice. Baby Spinach and Arugula instead of lettuce in salads. And of course a big protein packed breakfast after morning runs instead of grapes and coffee!

Now about those drinking habits; I think you need to surrender all your alcohol to me. I’ll ration it as necessary.

Peter said...

Klim, a few weeks back, I listened to Matt FItzgerald's interview featured on the letsrun. I found it very informative. Here's the link.
It will save you the trouble of reading the book.

Chika has good suggestions but I think hell will freeze over before the Red Fox eats quinoa.