Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Tired Fox

I ran an easy 6 with Karl on Wednesday morning...most of which was on the indoor track just down the street. It was good to get my legs and hips use to the curves.

Later in the day I met a large gang, including newbies Chuck and Murat (a Yale grad who ran 3:47 this past spring) of GRCers at B-CC for a workout. We ran 600-300-150 (with 200m rest) x 4 reps. I was a bit cautious in the 150s as my legs tend to feel awkward/tight/pull-like running fast in the cold. The workout all and all was a good one and didn't leave me too taxed. The 600s were just a hair faster than my goal 3k pace. Speaking of which, we should have a solid crew of guys for the 3k including Karl, Mike Smith and Murat...maybe Reaves? My stomach also cooperated during/after the workout, but I still had that "drunk" feeling after the cool down as a result of low blood sugar. Some Gatorade...followed by a Honey Chix Sandwich at Rock Bottom helps combat that.

I was pretty damn tired on Thursday morning though. I slumbered an easy 9 with Karl, but it is tough to run slow (and easy) when the temps hover in the high 20s. It's simply far to cold to not move fast. I'm contemplating whether a second run today is worth it. I will play it by ear.

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