Friday, January 15, 2010

Stand Down, Then Attack

I only ran 7.5 on Thursday and 7 today. I am hoping to head into the 3k fresh, but I don't feel as great as I thought I'd feel. Although the weather is apparently warming, it is still mid-20s when I hit the streets at 7am. I think this has something to do with it. Also, my lower left leg has also been bothersome, but this isn't affecting might fitness. I guess I just feel tight and stiff. I tend to race well, so I have that on my side. Either way, I've run less this week so I should be plenty ready for a 9:00 race. I will shuffle an easy jog tomorrow morning...and then attack.

My plan: start out a tad reserved and average 34.5s...hit 1600m in 4:36...hold on for dear life...kick myself if I fall asleep or have Wiggy yell at me...kick with 600m to go...finish in 8:36...dry heave.


MAX said...

Jake, you need a strong and common sense laiden woman to get you out of your running narocis.

Anonymous said...

Max Lockwood: wake up pal, you're projecting your own NEUROSIS (not narocis) onto others. You chastise people for spending too much of their time and energy in running yet you fail to see the own emptiness and aimlessness of your own path in life.


Joe Wiggy said...

Coach Wiggy will not allow nothing less than a 32 last 200!!! I look forward to seeing you and the crew tomorrow. I will bring paper/pen to write peoples key splits down.