Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The "Workout"

I ran around the neighborhood this morning with Karl. We plotted our evening workout at GPrep, where we hoped to sneak in and run (with spikes) on the indoor track. We wanted to get our throats accustomed to dry indoor air, get the feet use to wearing tight spikes and get our hips and legs use to tight turns. Unfortunately there were a thousand screaming people inside the indoor track tossing balls, shooting hoops and lolly gagging about. Karl and I decided to hit the outdoor track instead. Our workout was simple and more a test/feeler than a workout. My plan was to run 8 x 200 in 34.5 (ie - 3k goal pace) with a half lap rest. This ended up being quite easy (as it should be): 34.2, 34.4, 34.1, 35.0, 34.1, 33.8, 33.2, 31.5. We decided to pick it up a little bit on the last 3...without going crazy.

12.5 for the day.

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