Saturday, January 16, 2010

Race Day!

RESULTS: Coming...


The crowd that last day numbered 23,000. They had not come to see us. They were there for Pre, and they rose to him in the last mile of the 5,000m final, when he broke three-time Olympian George Young with ruthless laps of 63.4, 61.5 and 58.7 and cut seven seconds from his American record with 13:22.8 .His great sense of theater led him to grab a "Stop Pre" shirt (that Gerry Lindgren had been booed for warming up in) and run 69-second victory laps (emphasis added) in it. The sight of their champion parading the arena wearing the metaphoric pelt of a vanquished foe (Lindgren didn't make the team) made for atavistic hysteria.
- from Kenny Moore's "Bowerman and the Men of Oregon"

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