Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Mile Repeats

I ran a steady 5.5 miles with Karl on Wednesday morning before heading to work. I knew it would be a rough work day, but I was hoping to get out on time to make the workout. I did, but barely...

I bolted out the door from my office in Farragut North and jammed down towards the metro with my gym bag on my back. Sweating, I dove onto the metro then nervously tapped my feet as the train ironically stood idle. C'mon damn-it! The workout started at 6:30!! I finally emerged at Bethesda and bombed by way on foot to the track. At least I was getting a warm-up in. I changed behind a trailer on the track then proceeded to warm-up for a mile or so before the rest of the gang got done with their 2.5 mile warm-up loop. Thankfully, they had started a bit late.

Karl announced his intention to run 6 x mile. I knew his plan, but felt like punching him in the face anyways. That just seemed too hard. I told myself I would jump out after 4 reps since I was still banged up from the race on Saturday and the failed long-weekend runs that followed.

I hit the first 800m of rep one in 2:34 and thought it would be a bad day. I didn't want to go "all out", but I rallied and came back with a 2:29. From here it got faster but I held up fine doing my best to stay on Karl's heels and not in contest with him. I felt very comfortable and even was able to talk and look around while banging out 70+ laps. I ended up running 5. I might have been able to do a 6th but my stomach felt tender. I am glad I stuck to 5 and I am very thankful I got to the track with the team and didn't have to do this by myself.

5 x 1600m (400) Cutdown: 5:03, 4:55, 4:51, 4:48, 4:46

Best mile repeat workout that I can remember. I'm getting there...

14.5 for the day

I woke up the next morning and ran an easy 6 with Karl. We agreed to meet later in the day for a second run.

I feel as if I am on the verge of a major breakthrough. I am trying to get into a fast indoor (banked) 5k where I can attack my PR. I think it will fall with ease if I get into the right race...especially a race where I am dragged through by college horses. After I finish my "indoor season" I'm excited to race my favorite distance and crush my PR for 5 miles. Based on the aforementioned workout, I should be able to do that as well. The confidence I lacked last fall has been replaced with a new sense of determination. I have plenty of fight. I hope, once the real racing season starts, I can keep it up until early May.


Joe Wiggy said...

Nice work Fox! that is an impressive cutdown session.
I am still waiting to hear from coach russell at Lock Haven about unattached status. You may want to give it a whirl and email the race director. Her name is Jess Riden.
phone: 814-863-2120

Kate said...

weird, I did that same workout on Tuesday night! just a touch slower.

Peter said...

The phrase "in it to win it" is thrown around a lot these days, but I must say, brother, you are IN IT TO WIN IT!

Snizow said...

Brother Tugboat is right on this one, you are in it to win it! Only one strategy is sure to deliver you to the Promised Land: Stand down, then ATTACK! Keep these words close to your heart and they will never fail you.