Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Humid as Hell

Usually the horrendous summer weather hits at the end of July or early August. I thought we had missed it this year, but it's been pretty brutal this week.

I met Bain and Dusen for an early morning jaunt on Tuesday. The conversation kept my mind off the task at hand and the sweat that poured off my body. We ran about 7.5. Later in the day I met JARRIN for 7 miles down and around the Georgetown Branch Trail. We had a good and frank discussion about "life things" and I found out that JARRIN is about as screwed up as I am...well, almost...

On Wednesday morning I shuffled 30 minutes through my "Rock Creek Loop"; a stretch of trail (real trail, not bike path) that I've been running practically every week since 2002. The green canopy was bending after the heavy deluge from yesterday. The bushes and trees hovered over and across the trails and slapped their wet branches across my legs and chest while wet spider webs wrapped around my face and hands. I needed only a bolo knife and it would have looked like a jungle expedition. Although the trail was shaded, the humidity was choking.

Workout tonight...

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