Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Red Lining It

I ran 4x1600m with Dirk, Dickson and Murphy today at B-CC. The goal was to run each rep 5 secs faster than the last starting at 5:00flat. Dirk, the Beastman who is as consistent as Reaves when it comes to hitting splits, set the pace. 4:58...4:53...4:48. We were a whisker faster than we needed to be. On the last rep I stayed with Dirk, passed him at 800m but he pulled away good and plenty at 1200m. I went into oxygen debt and was gasping three breaths a minute during the last 300m redlining my way to the end. I haven't ached for oxygen like this since the Spaniard and I ran 400s back in March. I ended up only running 4:48, but this workout was just what I needed and it got me out of my funk. It was a bit better than the same workout I did a month ago and this time the humidity/heat was much worse. Great workout; likely the best this summer for me.

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