Monday, August 3, 2009

Attack of the Tweaks

Chris Bain once told me that when he takes time off, the aches and pains in his legs "come out" in an attempt to "heal". By running so much, so often, one's legs must get use to the abuse and use to the suffering. Today while at work, I felt my left hip, my right hip, my right thigh, one or two calves and probably something else. Additionally my back feels like hell every morning. This is the first time I've had any sort of coordinated attack from every ache in my body. I feel like my entire body needs to be stretched...or I need to run the pain from my body.

I have raced a lot this year and, in retrospect, probably have raced too much this summer. My "surge" has fizzled. I've only averaged 7-8 more miles per week since I began my increase in the beginning of June than my annual average. But overall I am well above where I was in terms of totals a year ago - 350 more miles to be exact or 11.5 more miles a week. These are stupid stats and numbers, but numbers don't lie. And, the good news, despite the cornucopia of pains I have, is that there is a pep in my step. The unintended taper from last week has both hurt and helped me. I am not sure which has done more. We will have to see how the race goes on Sunday.

I ran an easy 9 today and, while doing so, re-discovered an old loop I had done with Jason Dwyer sometime back in the '70s. I ran up through the Audubon trails and came across a couple of fawns with their parents. None of the deer moved an inch. I tried to keep the pace easy, but found myself running faster than I should; a sign of the taper? I then ran into Dirk and Reaves who were playing "chicken" with me on the trail. Actually that didn't happen.

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