Sunday, August 2, 2009

Cats & Dogs

My leg seems to be doing much better. There is still something tweaked with my muscle/tendon, but running appears to make it feel better. For example, I felt a twinge when I started my Sunday run, but it worked itself out as I galloped gingerly down Beach Drive. The sky opened up just a mile into our run and at times it was as if a fire hose was aimed down at us from the heavens. Despite being soaked to the bone, I never felt too uncomfortable and our group ran merrily along as if weather was no concern. It did seem as if our pace was quicker; perhaps a psychological button that is triggered when you're caught in the rain ~ run faster so that you can get be done sooner. Only got in 12 today; keeping it safe.

My legs felt very sore and achy both today and yesterday after taking 3 days off this week. It was almost as if I'm in a taper, which I suppose makes sense. My lower back has also been bothering me. Some mornings I wake up feeling like an old man. Next week will be an easy week. The goal is to stay healthy and get my legs ready for Falmouth. I need to go in well rested and with a good head. After that, I will try and build my mileage up to 90-100 for 4-weeks and get in some good 13.1-pace workouts on the Canal et cetera.

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