Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Retreat of the Tweaks

On Tuesday I ran 10 miles and again found myself running too fast. My legs felt a little bit better. On my way back to my office, I ran into Gentleman Jim Hage. He hates to be called Gentleman Jim. We talked about the usual things.

I hit the track on Wednesday to test my leg even further. I did not run in the morning and went to the workout with a lackadaisical attitude. I really just want to do something before the race on Sunday and to see how my leg would hold up. We (Dickson, Reaves, Dirk and the other Jake) decided to run a reverse ladder: 2000 (400), 1600 (400), 1200 (400), 800 (200), 400. My leg was in rough shape during the striders and I wasn't sure how/if it would hold up during the workout, but once I started there were no worries. I fact, my leg felt better as the workout progressed. I didn't have a watch so I keyed off of Dirk. I ran a little faster than I wanted to, but was still way behind my Dutch friend - 6:08, 4:55, 3:36, 2:19, 64. My legs felt odd the entire workout. They felt like elastic bands but loose and not tight. They felt rubbery and as if my muscles would tear apart if I ran too fast. It didn't seem to have anything to do with my problematic thigh and I've never experienced anything like this before in my running career. I never felt tired, but I definitely was distracted. I just wanted to get it done. It was an odd workout, but all and all, I hit solid times. My blood sugars seemed to plummet during the cooldown. I ate half a Powerbar then chugged a soda...then I lost my appetite. What an odd day for my body.

The good news is that the tweaks have been retreating. Running seems to be HELPING the injury...I think?


Komal said...

I am loving this picture. I think it is my favorite of all fox pics on ur blog thus far. What did you have to google to get this one??!

KLIM said...

"red fox" and "stretching"...I think.

KLIM said...

Wait, no "red fox" and "mouse"