Friday, July 17, 2009

Twilighter on the Morrow

I got in 6 on Thursday morning and put in another 9 at night. The temps are getting higher, but I've been keeping the pace easy while getting use to the weather. So far, so good. I ran another hour on Friday morning since I anticipated a long work day. Despite my "issue" earlier in the week, my mileage should be adequate this week.

I haven't been thinking much about Rockville, but I suppose I should since it's tomorrow. I hate the race, I really do. It's always super hot and not very fast. Last year, the race organizers delayed the race until 9pm because it was too hot. Still, someone died from a heat-related heart issue. But, I feel as if I need to race it since there aren't many big races in the DC area in July/August. Additionally, I dislike racing summer races over 5k since the heat produces slower times. I always feel as if there should be an astrix next to your name that reads "raced in the summer" whenever you post a semi par time. Tomorrow, instead of thinking about pace or time, I am going to simply go out and compete. I am hoping to go out slower than normal then see what I've got. Next week, the 5k will be a different story.

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