Sunday, July 19, 2009

Twilighter - 25:16

The weather was the coolest it had ever been in the 7 years I've run the race. My "issue" has not entirely gone away, but I did my best to put it out of my mind. However, I did feel my stomach during the warm-up and did an "oh great" while rolling my eyes. My goal was to go out easy and work the last 3 miles hard and walk people down. I hit mile one in 4:53 and was in about 15th place. I worked with Wardian and a younger guy I didn't know on the ups and downs passing runners left and right. Our trio worked our way up to GRC teammate Dirk and Izzy from UMBC fame. I led the uphill charges while Wardian led the downhills. It worked, but it took a lot of WORK. Wardian and the kid pulled away and I trailed back. I moved up and passed Izzy and another runner over the next 1.5 miles before pulling back up to the kid. We weren't doing a great job of working together; it felt more like a(n) (un)friendly game of surge. With just over a mile to go I put the hammer down and began to make up the real estate between me and Wardian. The kid caught back up to me again and this time I simply fixed an imaginary rope around his waste and let him pull me down Rockville Pike. Then I heard footsteps. I pulled up to the kid and said "come on, let's go", but soon found myself battling with master runner Ray Pugsley. He gaped me almost immediately, but in the last 1/3 of a mile I found another gear. The kid fell back and I charged after Wardian and Pugsley with all my strength...but still came up short. I ended up with a 25:16, a course PR by 38 seconds.

SPLITS: 4:53, 9:54, 15:01, 20:20, 25:16

I was happy with the effort, but the race (likely the last mile +) crippled my stomach. Before the race I thought this might happen. I walked bent over like the letter "L" back to my clothes. I attempted to cooldown but couldn't even do it. I was angry and frustrated but that was masked by the pain. I limped home, went to bed and squirmed and wormed in my sheets all night.

I believe I've pinpointed one of the reasons why I get this burning/acid-like pain - racing at odd times of the day. USATFXC, which was run at 2pm, pounded my poor tummy into oblivion. Rockville, run at 8:45pm, has done this to me before as well. My body is on a schedule and I am able to run without major issues when I wake up and when I get out of work (6-7pm). I've eaten at the right time, my sugars are in check and I am properly hydrated. When does one eat when the race is at 9pm? You can bump your meal back or up, but it still feels as if that is getting out of the daily eating/intake routine.
More on all this later...I am off to run (or try to)


1 1/184 2344 Daniel Too 33 Bel Air MD 23:53 23:52 3:51
2 1/156 10 Mathew Kiplagat 26 New Rochelle NY 24:27 24:31 3:57
3 1/81 4 Abiyot Endale 23 Bronx NY 24:37 24:36 3:58
4 2/156 18 Dirk De Heer 28 Silver Spring MD 24:46 24:45 3:59
5 3/156 70 Jeffrey Gaudette 26 Baltimore MD 24:51 24:51 4:00
6 4/156 19 Guy Alton 25 Richmond VA 24:57 24:56 4:01
7 1/163 13 Michael Wardian 35 Arlington VA 25:13 25:13* 4:04
8 1/142 40 Ray Pugsley 40 Potomac Falls VA 25:14 25:14* 4:04
9 5/156 15 Jake Klim 29 No. Bethesda MD 25:16 25:16 4:04
10 2/81 Alexander Battaglino 23 Owings Mills MD 25:19 25:19 4:05
11 3/81 38 Izzy Mehmedovic 24 Columbia MD 25:35 25:34 4:07
12 1/77 849 Greg Jubb 19 Westminster MD 25:43 25:41* 4:08
13 2/184 1436 Tim Schaefer 31 Gaithersburg MD 25:51 25:50 4:10
14 3/184 50 Eric Lavigne 33 Leesburg VA 25:54 25:54 4:11
15 4/81 1559 Ryan Stasiowski 20 Hanover MD 25:56 25:55 4:11
16 2/77 597 Kyle Gaffney 19 Silver Spring MD 26:01 25:59 4:11
17 6/156 1875 Matthew Fortin 25 Crofton MD 26:04 26:02 4:12
18 2/163 2179 Jeffrey Lewis 35 Silver Spring MD 26:09 26:09 4:13
19 3/163 818 Morgan Jarred 38 Las Vegas NV 26:10 26:10 4:13
20 4/184 21 Bart Borghuis 33 Arlington VA 26:14 26:14 4:14


RM said...

I thought that was a great run for you last night, awesome job. It was an impressive display, in both quality and sheer numbers, of GRC dudes. Dirk is a beast.

KLIM said...

Thanks. It was good to see you out and about. I would have worn an armband if I knew.

get better soon!

Victor Williamson said...

Great run!

I was there photographing the event, and there are a number of photos on display at my website linked (hopefully) on my name.

Let me know if there are any bib numbers you'd like me to keep an eye out for, and I can bring them to your attention.

KLIM said...

Cool, thanks Victor!

Victor Williamson said...

No problem.

Also posted here, with direct links to GRC runner photos: