Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Good Workout After a Bad Day

I nixed the morning run I typically do on workout days because my stomach was still tender. My boss had a very similar problem and I likely got what he had. Perhaps a 24 hour stomach virus. By lunch time, my stomach seemed better but not 100%. I left work pessimistic I'd be able to run a workout, but decided to see how I felt after the warm-up. The stomach was still tight, but I didn't feel any worse. I decided to run half the workout, but still felt fine, so I ended up doing the entire thing. 4 x 1600m (400 rest) cut down: 5:02, 4:58, 4:54, 4:50. We were supposed to start at 5:05 and cut down 5 seconds each rep, so I was pleased.


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Daniel Weston said...

Fantastic session. I love it when you don't feel like doing an interval session, go anyway and then have a good one. Keep up the blogging. Loving it.